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Central Plant Services Arabia was established in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, in 1999 to meet the specialized needs of lifting equipment in the vast petro-chemical, power, oil & gas, and industrial sectors of the Saudi and GCC markets.

We are independent of any particular manufacturer, enabling us to deliver technical support for all lifting equipment throughout our sphere of operation. A member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEELA) since 2005, CPS became the first full Member from Saudi Arabia after passing their rigorous technical audit in 2011.



Assessment Inspection

To evaluate present condition:
» Full technical audit
» Detailed inspection report
» Accurate deficienty list
» Repair plan & cost estimate.

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Repairs And Upgrades

To establish reliability:
» Break down repair service
» Spare parts solutions
» Components and critical
» System upgrades

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Safety Inspection & Loading Testing

To determine ongoing worthiness:
» Reliability inspection
» Proof load testing

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Periodic Maintenance

To maintain operational dependability:
» Comprehensive PM programs
» Designed with customer operations in mind
» Quarterly, 6-monthly and Annual PM

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