Accredited Lifting Equipment Training

Accredited Lifting Equipment Training

The most simple and cost effective way to improve safety and productivity, while reducing maintenance costs. The majority of crane accidents are caused by human error which may result in equipment/property damage, and injuries to:

Operators, Other site workers, People nearby

Accidents can be minimized or prevented through proper training and crane usage.

The benefits of dealing with a LEEA accredited training company are:

  • All courses are delivered by LEEA member companies
  • All courses are written to a LEEA approved outline
  • All course materials and training facilities have been audited by LEEA
  • All instructors have been assessed by LEEA
  • All training certificates are individually numbered and verifiable with LEEA
  • All companies are reassessed at regular intervals
  • All instructors are reassessed at regular intervals

We offer specialized training and instruction developed under the guidance of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), for:

  • Overhead Crane Operations and Slinging Safety
  • Qualified Rigger
  • Lifting Operations Supervisor


Participants will learn international standards and local requirements for crane operation and crane inspection procedures required by these.

Topics also cover:

Correct identification and function of all major crane components and assemblies:

Causes and Preventions of crane accidents is also a major topic in our training manual

Our training is supported by well-illustrated student textbooks and reference manuals, professional Power Point presentations, interesting videos to demonstrate practical examples, and:

Desktop Simulators

for: Overhead, Tower and Mobile Cranes

Full size 3-D simulator

for Mobile Cranes with multiple stations for Operator, Signal Person and Instructor. This has built in applications for winds and ocean tides for off-shore applications